About Me

After more than 10 years of creating, growing, and ultimately selling my online business manufacturing fragrance lamps and oil, candles, and other synthetically-scented products, I became interested in the therapeutic benefits of using pure essential oils. I had so many questions! I wanted to have confidence that the products and information I passed on to my clients was based upon referenced data from experts in the industry… and so began my journey. In June 2017, I completed the 250-hour Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy program through Sedona Aromatherapie and have achieved the designation of Certified Aromatherapist.

 Ralphie & Me

Ralphie & Me

As a professional member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), I have the opportunity to attend monthly educational webinars presented by respected members of the industry. I recently listened to a wonderful presentation on skin care by Rose Chard of Your Body Needs. She mentioned during the presentation that if she had to choose just one facial cleanser, it would be goat milk soap. I was inspired to try it, and instantly fell in love with it’s gentle yet thorough cleansing. I started hand-pouring goat milk soap in simple bars for my own use, and before long was making it for family and friends. Soon I branched out and began using beautiful molds, experimenting with color and developing my own unique hand-painting techniques.

Today my soap creations are available in countless design, color, and scent combinations. They’re perfect for gift giving,  special events (guest gifts for showers and weddings), or for enhancing your own decor. The photo on the Artisan Soap page is a collection that was special ordered to use for Random Acts of Kindness… what a great idea! Artisan soap is always a welcome gift.

In addition to my aromatherapy practice, I have been designing jewelry since 2013. This niche in my creativity includes a collection of pieces that utilize essential oil diffuser beads. The styles are just a starting point… I love doing custom designs that can incorporate your favorite colors, crystals, and sentimental pieces.